Internship at Rheinmetall Automotive



Engineering intern 



1.Support quality/developing issues from customer (R&D phase), analysis, testing and preparing report for returned part;

2.Support to follow up the prototype demands and timing and delivery status;

3.Support to do some analysis of our competitors, eg. Buying parts of competitors in the market and run some tests and tear down, report;

Key skills & Qualification:

1.Bachelor degree, major in mechanical, automotive, electrical.

2.Familiar with MS office software excel, PPT; CAD as a plus.

3.Good communication skills, good English speaker.

4.Intern period >3months.

5.Working location, Shanghai Hongqiao.


Marketing Intern



1.Support in the event organizing, such as Shanghai Autoshow, Tech-day

2.Support in the digital marketing communication, such as website, social media maintenance

3.Support in the material translation, such as Press release, brochures, posters and website, internal communication material , etc

4.Other activities such as database regular check and analysis

Key skills & Qualification:

1.Good English Skill, German language can be a plus

2.Good at PPT and Excel

3.Major in Automotive, Management, Marketing, or Journalism is preferred

4.Good at communication and Open-minded

5.Could work at least 3 days per week


Intern eMobility Portfolio



1.Design, evaluate, modify, and construct motor, gearbox, battery pack, air conditioner and fuel cell components and systems for transportation, stationary, or portable applicator.

2.The Automotive Design and Release Engineer will manage design activities, influence new designs or design changes, create and maintain engineering documentation, work with engineers to insure accurate changes, oversee prototype builds, and track all system validation activities.

3.There will be a considerable level of interaction with component suppliers to ensure required technical content of the product.

4.The Design and Release Engineer may be responsible for several components.

5.Provide component, sub-system & system level design recommendations to Design Responsible Engineers based on interpretation of analysis results.

6.Conceptualize, build and exercise analytical models for conventional and new propulsion systems using software tools such as CATIA, Altair, Ansys, Amesim, GT-SUITE, Matlab, Simulink or similar tools.

Key skills & Qualification

1.Engineering in either Mechanical, Aerospace, Chemical, or Electrical Engineering required.

2.Excellent in problem analysis and solving skill

3.Excellent interpersonal and communication skill

4.Creative, keep interest in taking challenge and pressure

5.Diligent, proactive, self-motived and open-minded

6.Good knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT)

7.Good to Excellent in English (oral & written)

8.Hands-on – German language is a plus.


Intern Connectivity Portfolio



1.Responsible for definition of requirements, design, analysis, development, testing and management of engineering project for AD Computing Platform where strong analytical and problem solving skills, creativity, resourcefulness, adaptability, initiative and independent judgments are involved

2.Exercises technical direction over other engineers or engineering support personnel and may have work direction responsibilities over a small group with specific engineering objectives

3.Design for AD Computing Platform including all elements of hardware and software

4.Develop component technical specifications as well as statement of requirements

5.Leads formal design, peer, and quality reviews; Leads resolution of technical issues

6.Leads product development team meetings; Leads/manages supplier resident engineers

7.Supports sourcing activities; Intimate knowledge of hardware and software interfaces

8.Insure all vehicle program imperatives (cost, timing, investment, and quality) are met

9.Generates technical solutions for current, new and major programs

10.Provides technical leadership for advanced technology development

11.Performs complex design analysis

12.Develops engineering designs

13.Implements engineering change

14.Initiates documents to provide engineering authority and to maintain math data; Solves engineering related problems

15.Works with engineering functions, suppliers, plant personnel and others to implement cost reduction, methods and product improvements, and to support build programs

16.Plans and implements test and/or development programs

17.Releases parts and subsystems for production

18.Communicates information to and from internal and external customer organizations

19.Coordinates and consults with departments outside engineering, such as manufacturing

20.Stays abreast of new technology and competitive products

Key skills & Qualification

1.Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent

2.Demonstrated performance in a position requiring engineering technical excellence

3.High level of analytical ability where problems are unusual and difficult

4.High level of interpersonal skills to work independently and effectively with others


Intern Software Engineer



1.Design, implement, and test embedded software for BMS based on AUTOSAR

2.Derive software requirements and document software specification according to ISO26262

3.Generate test cases from software requirements

4.Perform risk analysis for functional safety

5.Maintain software development life-cycle

6.Develop best practices and tools for software development

7.Design/code/test software following Automotive SPICE-compliant development process

8.Perform static analysis and unit testing for 100% coverage for the released application

9.Ensure documented traceability from requirements through test cases

10.Plan and coordinate software development activities with other global sites developing Active Safety software

11.Plan and coordinate with others to ensure software deliverables are completed on time per project schedule and meet software quality standards

12.Document and communicate lessons learned to global team

13.Identify opportunities for quality and productivity improvement and implement appropriate initiatives

Key skills & Qualification

1.Proficiency in C/C++ development for embedded systems encompassing TI/NXP MCUs/AFEs, CAN/CAN-FD, LIN, Flexray, Ethernet

2.Experience with programming boot loaders

3.Familiarity with AUTOSAR, ASPICE, and/or ISO26262 Standard

4.Ability to develop and maintain software requirement specifications and test plans

5.Active collaboration with systems and hardware engineers

6.Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent

7.High level of oral and written communication skills

8.Good to Excellent in English (oral & written)

9.Hands-on – German language is a plus.


Intern Electrical Engineer



1.Designs and develops digital circuits for Micro-controller, ECU, VCU, Inverter, DC/DC, etc.

2.Verification in module level and Chip level

3.Define and execute verification plan with full functional coverage

4.Involved in the Digital IP design and verification, joins the SiC development for ARM Based MCU

5.Doing RTL coding, integration and verification

6.Doing simulation in Gate Level, transistor Level (full-chip spice)

7.Create function test patterns for testing engineering

8.To determine requirements of new products, develop and analyze concepts, produce prototypes, and conduct testing

9.Develop new design solutions with analog and digital circuits

10.Design solutions are to meet strict reliability requirements for automotive industry

11.Route and layout circuit boards to IPC standards

12.Validate and release design through document control process

13.Program in a variety of languages for PCs, and embedded microcontrollers (C, C++, C#, VB, Python).

Key skills & Qualification

1.Good understanding of general MCU architecture and peripherals

2.Solid knowledge on Assembly or C/C++ programming and embedded system

3.Familiar with embedded OS like MQX, ucosII, ucLinux, Linux or other RTOS

4.Familiar with shell script is a plus Experience with TCP/IP or USB is a plus

5.Experience with ARM based MCU is a plus

6.Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent

7.High level of oral and written communication skills

8.Good to Excellent in English (oral & written)

9. Hands-on – German language is a plus.



Lydia Zhou (Marketing Manager)


About Rheinmetall Automotive

Rheinmetall Automotive numbers among the world’s big auto parts suppliers. The core competencies of the Rheinmetall Group’s Automotive arm include reduction of pollution and fuel consumption; downsizing and friction minimization; as well as thermo-management and electro-mobility. Its product range encompasses exhaust gas recycling and secondary air systems, actuators, solenoid valves and pumps, pistons, engine blocks, structural components made of aluminum, and plain bearings. Furthermore, the company supplies electric drives for vehicles, aluminum housings for batteries and electric motors as well as electrically powered pumps. Today Rheinmetall Automotive products can be found in passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and large engines, e.g. for maritime applications. Additionally the company markets spare parts in more than 130 countries and supplies products for the Non-Automotive sector.