1. Development of basic software for E-motor controller
2. Research and development of permanent magnet synchronous motor controller for xEVs based on Infineon TriCore microcontroller
3. Research on key technologies of high performance electric vehicle compatible with V2G technology
Subproject: Development of PMSM motor control system for electric vehicles
4. Fast DC charger system for electric vehicles
5. Development of test equipment for electric motor control system
6. Research and development of PMSM servo controller for a numerical control machine
7. Research on PMSM control system for efficiency optimization
8. Development of ECU for battery management system
9. Battery management system
10. Development of anti-pinch window lift solution using Infineon TLE7810 embedded power IC
11. Development of door control device with anti-pinch function
12. Development of controller of multifunction switches on the steering wheel
13. Development of low-level drivers for XC2000 MCU in electrical power steering system
14. Development of control system of rice color sorter machine