Introduction & research focus/ Vorstellung & Forschungsschwerpunkte
Zheng Han

Professor Dr. Zheng HAN is goetzpartners Chair Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Sino-German School for Postgraduate Studies (CDHK), Tongji University, in Shanghai. He is guest professor and senior research fellow at the Asia Research Centre of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and founder of HAN Executive Advisory and Development.

Prof. Han studied and worked in Germany, Switzerland, the U.S. and Singapore and holds an Industrial Engineering Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering of TU Braunschweig, one of the elite technical universities in Germany. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and was scholar of the Swiss National Science Foundation, visiting scholar of the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and the Wharton-SMU Research Centre in Singapore. His articles appear in renowned international journals such as International Journal of Technology Management, Journal of Knowledge Management, and R&D Management.
Prof. Han served as Chief Representative and Chief Investment Advisor of the Haniel Group, a Fortune Global 500 company, in China for 7 years. In this capacity he was responsible for strategic investments and the expansion strategy of portfolio companies in the region. Prof. Han teaches MBA, EMBA and top executive programs for leading international business schools and universities such as ESSEC, Manchester Business School, Mannheim Business School, IEDE, ETH Zürich, Skolkovo Moscow School of Management and University of St. Gallen. He frequently gives workshops, trainings and keynote speeches for MNCs and works on strategy, marketing and innovation advisory projects. His clients include various MNCs and “Hidden Champions” in the automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical & pharmaceutical and trading sectors such as AMETEK, BASF, Bosch, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Brueckner Group, Heraeus, Kiekert, Leica Camera, Metro Group, Mitsubishi, Stora Enso, and Volkswagen.
Lena Bernhofer
I studied in Germany at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) and hold a Diploma Degree in Business Administration and an Honours Degree in Technology Management. During my studies I gained first research experience as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and spent a semester abroad at UIBE Beijing. Besides my academic career, I gained relevant practical experience in start-ups and companies, such as KPMG and BMW. For my current Ph.D. studies, I received several scholarships, including full scholarships from the China Scholarship Council, DAAD and Siemens.

My research interests include entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial intentions and the development of entrepreneurship (education) specifically in China. I am also interested in entrepreneurial ecosystems and will focus more on that topic in the near future.

During my time as a PhD candidate I took part in the international research project GUESSS and organized the data collection and analyses in China. In case you are interested in my research or need help with your own studies in China feel free to contact me. I am happy to help, share thoughts and work on common topics.


Students (Master Theses Topics)/ Studenten (Themen der Masterarbeiten)

  • „An Empirical Research on How Variables Influence Purchase Decision-making in O2O E-commerce Model“ by CONG Lei, May 2014
  • “ Modeling and Empirical Studies on Automotive Online Shopping based on Technology Acceptance Model and Perceived Risk Theory“, by RUAN Manting,May 2014
  • „A Study on Factors Influencing the Intention to Use the Third-party Mobile Payment Platform“, by CUI Jing, May 2014
  • „Exploring factors affecting the adoption of mobile shopping in China“, by  HU Wenjun,May 2014
  • „Study on Intercultural Team Building and Team Effectiveness“, by ZHANG Lisha, May 2014
  • “An Empirical Analysis of Different Consumer Generations’ Price Fairness Perceptions” by ZANG Beihua, May 2013
  • “An empirical study on the relationship between customer price sensitivity and satisfaction in the 3C chain retail trade” by TONG Xianxian, May 2013
  • “The R&D-Marketing interface management of private enterprises in the NPD projects—-An empirical study in Jiaxing, Zhejiang” by LI Yiting, May 2013
  • “Empirical Research on Characteristics of M&A Targets of Listed Company—-The Example of the Chinese Manufacturing Industry” by FENG Dandan, May 2013
  • “The Impact of Consumer Innovativeness on Purchase Intention of Pure Electric Vehicle” by ZHONG Yajing, July 2012
  • “An Empirical Investigation of Factors that Affect Customers’ Intentions of participation in Social Networking Service Marketing” by CAI Zeyu, July 2012
  • “Analysis and Perspective on Strategic Environment of Chinese New Energy Vehicle Industry” by GAO Jie, July 2012
  • “The Applicability of Technology Acceptance Model in the Water Heater Industry” by ZHANG Xiaofang, July 2012
  • “Study on the influence of the partner selection on alliance performance of SMEs with symbiosis theory” by GE Qianying, July 2012
  • “Price Dispersion in the C2C Online Market – The Example of the Mobile Phone Segment” by LIU Feng, July 2012
  • “Counterfeiting in the luxury industry – A multidimensional study, in Zusammenarbeit mit TU Berlin“ by Alexander Sailer, July 2011
  • “An empirical research on corporates’ procurement behavior and channel of MRO” by CHEN Jun, July 2011
  • “An Empirical Study of Shopping Motives on Online Group-buying” by XU Yan, July 2011
  • “A Study on Customer Satisfaction in the B2C E-Commerce Context” by WANG Junwei, July 2011
  • “Channel Conflict between E-commerce and Traditional Retailing in Consumer Electrical” –
  • “Appliances Industry“ by LIN Zhengya, July 2011
  • “Consumers’ Motivations in Online Group Buying: A Means-end Chains Approach“ by ZHANG Tingting, July 2011


  • 2. Academic Cooperations/ Akademische Kooperationen
  • Global total cost of ownership; Partner: ETH Zürich
  • Global University Entrepreneurial Students´ Survey (GUESSS); Partner: Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, St. Gallen Universität
  • E-Commerce Konferenz: „Driving customer value by E-Commerce in China“ Partner: Marketing Lehrstuhl von TU Berlin