Joel Cedric Lengeling joins Kuehne Foundation Chair in CDHK

PhD student, Mr. Joel Cedric Lengeling, from Logistics Chair of Technique University of Berlin led by Professor Frank Straube came to Kuehne Foundation Chair at CDHK for research and study in September 2017.


Mr. Lengeling majored in computer science, working on the data base and map technology of Navigator Project which is a key initiative of Technique University of Berlin supported by Kuehne Foundation. Mr. Lengeling develops various initiatives in Kuehne Foundation Chair LEGO Lab and works closely with his Chinese colleagues.

The 10th Navigator project seminar

An open, global trading platform has been built for cross-border e-commerce, linking hundreds of millions of consumers and firms located all over the world. Cross-border e-commerce has revolutionary impacts on supply chain of international trade with an astonishing scale. According to Accenture and Ali Research, in 2020 global cross-border e-commerce transaction value will reach 1 trillion dollars covering 900 million people. China is leading cross-border e-commerce in Asia Pacific region which is the most active in global cross-border e-commerce.20170523_092934

However, the rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce faces numerous challenges from various perspective in a process of impetuous expansion, i.e. country specific legal and regulation requirements, importation tariff, payment, impact of social media and emerging technology, logistics etc. It is a critical moment to carry out a comprehensive review and explore the trends of cross-border e-commerce to facilitate business growth. 20170523_150035

The Chair of Logistics at Technische Universität Berlin and the Kuehne Chair of International Logistics Networks and Services in CDHK at Tongji University organize a workshop, on May 23rd 2017, dedicating to market outlook on China cross-border e-commerce and its impact. The managing director of Kuehne Foundation, Mr. Martin Willhaus makes excellent speech in the workshop.

The senior researchers from Ali Research, Nielsen China and YTO address the current state and future development of cross-border e-commerce in China together with faculties from TU Berlin and Tongji. More than 20 senior logistics managers from Bosch, FedEx, Kuehne Nagel, DHL, TNT, Geberit etc. participate the workshop.20170523_11

Kühne Foundation Chair and SEM at Tongji University Successfully hosted 2017 Sustainable Logistics Operation Workshop for Kühne Logistics University EMBA Delegation

From March 5th to 10th, 2017, Kuehne Foundation Chair and SEM at Tongji University successfully hosted 10 EMBA students from Kühne Logistics University (KLU) to have a five-day program on “Sustainable Logistics Operation”. Students come from Germany, U.S, Mexico, Iran, Indonesia and Syria. They have different nationalities, education experience and industry backgrounds, while they share a same goal to optimize the logistics management in their fields.Bosch-group phot

The workshop consists of seminars jointly delivered by Kühne Foundation Chair and KLU faculties, followed by 3 company visits. The workshop covered the topics on Understanding Chinese Economy, Designing Low Footprint Distribution Networks, Transformation into Sustainable Development-Chinese Challenges, Warehousing, Implementing Lean and Green Logistics and  Managing  Multiple  Complex  Expectation  Effectively.  The professors analyzed Chinese-featured  green  logistics  by the following perspectives,  Chinese macro-economic, sustainability, the issues, solutions and trend of logistics. Combined with lecture content, students visited United Automotive Electronics System (UAES), GCL New Energy Holdings Limited and DB Schenker. They not only enjoyed high-end dialogue with companies’ executives, but also visited manufacture sites. The 3 company visits helped students to  better  understand  and  compare  the  operation  models  and  logistics  management  differences  among Joint-Venture, Private and Foreign-owned corporations.DB Schenker-Group Photo

Kühne Logistics University – Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Logistik und Unternehmensführung (KLU) is a private, state-accredited university located at Harbor City Hamburg, founded in 2010, and sponsored by the nonprofit Kühne Stiftung (Kühne Foundation). KLU offers a broad spectrum of courses and research in logistics and supply chain and business management. KLU ranks #3 in the Handelsblatt ranking in research output per professor among all universities in Germany and has been top-ranked in the CHE university ranking, Germany’s most comprehensive university teaching ranking. xiexing-group photo


On June 13, 2016, more than 250 people from industry, academic and public service attend the 3rd Kuehne Foundation China Logistics Day in School of Economy and Management at Tongji University exploring the future of logistics and sharing the new insights, findings of technology, innovative concepts and business models applied in the logistics industry.

The Managing Director of Kuehne Foundation Mr. Martin WILLHAUS makes the opening speech welcoming all the attendants to the event, including the Department Head of German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Mr. Luetjohann; the Senator of City of Bremen, Mr. Guenthner; German Consul General, Mr. Rothen; Swiss Consul General, Mr. Hoffet.


There are 12 guest speakers making excellent speeches in the event. Topics discussed in the event are broad and diversified, covering different stage and functionality of logistics operation from both empirical and analytical point of views.

Prof. Dr. HUO, the Interim Dean of School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, presents a wide range of scientific researches by the logistics faculty in Tongji published in esteemed journals in operations research. The Vice President of Ali Business Logistics Research Center, Mr. Ri SU, presents how Alibaba looks at e-commerce distribution network and smart logistics. The Global Senior Vice President of SAP, Mr. HERO, presents how to transform supply chain into a demand network. The Senior Transport Specialist of World Bank, Ms. Rastogi, shares World Bank’s study of the logistics performance of global connectivity and trade. The guest speakers from Jointown Technology, Bosch, Cargolux, and BVL cover the topics of China pharmaceutical logistics, the reduction of GHG and industry 4.0 driven supply chain/logistics.

The ideas and practices shared in the Kuehne Foundation Logistics Day will be disseminated in the logistics society, which will inspire more research and development of new business models and practices further improving the performance of global logistics efficiency with sustainable approaches.

Thanks to Mr. Michael Klaus Kuehne, the sole donor of Kuehne Foundation, Kuehne Foundation has been organizing annually the “Logistics Day of Kuehne Foundation” at different locations/universities at which the Foundation holds a chair for logistics management. The idea of this event is to create a platform to network for all logistics experts from industries, academia and public service sectors to strengthen the exchange of creative novel ideas and to further promote the education in the field of logistics. 2016 is the 3rd time the Foundation funding China Logistics Day at CDHK/Tongji University Shanghai which is held every two years since 2012.

Source: Tongji SEM