Since 18 years ago, the Kuehne Foundation has been organizing annually the “Logistics Day of Kuehne Foundation“ at different locations/universities at which the Foundation holds a chair for logistics management. The idea of this event is to create a platform to network for all logistics experts from industries, academia and public service sectors to strengthen the exchange of creative novel ideas and to further promote the education in the field of logistics. 2016 is the 3rd time the Kuehne Foundation holding China Logistics Day at CDHK/Tongji University Shanghai which is held every two years since 2012. 

Today logistics is an important prerequisite for competitive performance by companies in manufacturing and service industries. The unprecedented emergence of new technologies, internet of things, big data, cloud technologies, robotic automation, is changing and reshaping the future of global economy. With closely connected global economy at various stages, the requirements of logistics service become much more diversified and uncertain; logistics industry is facing tremendous pressures of being ever more efficient, agile, adaptive and flexible to meet the challenges rised from global economy transformation driven by the new technologies, diversification and volatility.

The rapid growth of global economy, in both developing and developed economies, jeopardizes our planet with climate change, i.e., global warming. The accelerating global warming puts a real threat to the future of our planet, it is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, logistics activities inevitably make a sustantialcontirbution to the greenhouse gas emission which drives the climate change.