Kuehne Chair for International Logistics Networks and Services was founded in 2008 with German Kuehne Foundation as its donor. Kuehne Chair is committed to make it a publicly recognized research center for supply chain and operations management, recruit and train students aspired to study supply chain and operations Management and provide consulting and training services to the business partners.

Kuehne Chair research focuses are supply chain operation optimization, operation risk management, sustainable logistics and humanitarian logistics. Kuehne Chair closely collaborates with well-known institutions in Europe, North America, and Asia to spare no effort in committing itself to making successful academic research on novel theories for supply chain and operation management. Kuehne Chair actively supports master and doctoral students to participate in scientific research activities in association with solving real world operational problems, trying to give the students opportunities to apply the knowledge learned and to enrich students learning experience.

Kuehne Chair introduces the classic teaching materials, widely used in the universities abroad, to teaching, and use network simulation technique to allow students to have the opportunity to integrate the knowledge learned from different disciplines. Kuehne Chair periodically invites senior executives from well-known local and international companies to give lectures in the classes. Kuehne Chair organizes site visits for the students to understand the new technology and operation management in practice.

There is a variety of cooperation among Kuehne Chair and various businesses; Kuehne Chair fully understands the business needs. Kuehne Chairs provides local and multinational companies consulting services such as the distribution network design, supply chain strategy development, supplier management and negotiation strategy planning.


Kuehne Chair for International Logistics Networks and Services
Room 513, CDHK Building, Tongji University No. 50, Chifeng Road,
Shanghai 200092, China


Professor ZHANG Sidong
Tel: +86 21 6597 9092